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I am excited to see Luke Hill develop Catholic religious education within a digital platform. It’s a fascinating new direction. Not only does this provide flexibility & variety, but it’s allowing youth to contribute to the direction of the content.

Theresa O'Keefe, PhD
Faculty Director
Boston College School of Theology

Luke Hill is taking youth-centered catechetics and faith formation in a new groundbreaking direction. Using peer-led conversations, real life experiences and fun interactive activities, our young people are discovering God for themselves. 

Jaye Russo
Director of Religious Education
Holy Family Parish

As a long-time Catechist, Luke Hill’s digital media approach allows me to better keep students stimulated and involved in the dialogue. Luke Hill has found a creative way to effectively communicate God’s teachings in a way that connects to their everyday lives. I highly recommend Luke Hill. 

Netta Altimari-Mello
6th Grade Catechist
Holy Family Parish

Do you need help with groceries and/or errands?

The way this works is that we will assign a volunteer to you; you will send us a list of what you need purchased. The shopper will go to the store wearing gloves and practicing the Covid-19 protocol of social distancing. They will buy your items, text you the total amount, and then drive the items to your front door. They will not come in your home nor get near you. You will tape the payment in an envelope to your front door or use PayPal or Venmo to pay them electronically. Thank you for reaching out and God Bless You and your family. You are in our prayers! The Luke Hill Connects Team.