• I am excited to see Luke Hill develop Catholic religious education within a digital platform. It’s a fascinating new direction. Not only does this provide flexibility & variety, but it’s allowing youth to contribute to the direction of the content.
    Theresa O'Keefe, PhD
    Faculty Director
    Boston College School of Theology
  • Luke Hill is taking youth-centered catechetics and faith formation in a new groundbreaking direction. Using peer-led conversations, real life experiences and fun interactive activities, our young people are discovering God for themselves. 
    Jaye Russo
    Director of Religious Education
    Holy Family Parish
  • As a long-time Catechist, Luke Hill’s digital media approach allows me to better keep students stimulated and involved in the dialogue. Luke Hill has found a creative way to effectively communicate God’s teachings in a way that connects to their everyday lives. I highly recommend Luke Hill. 
    Netta Altimari-Mello
    6th Grade Catechist
    Holy Family Parish