Our Mission

The mission of Luke Hill Media is to transform the teaching of Catholicism to teens, to make it more relevant in their daily lives and to make it easier for youth ministry leaders and lay volunteers to stimulate discussion in the classroom. While Luke Hill Media employs a wide range of contemporary learning techniques to stimulate teen dialogue, our theology is Catholic truth; designed to meet the Catechetical requirements of the Catholic Church. Our goal is to create thought-provoking digital curricula using storytelling; to better engage teens in group discussions and stimulate their faith formation process so they can flourish as teens and young adults. Social media will also play a major role connecting to teens on a daily basis.

This Is Our World

Luke Hill Media Overview

Luke Hill Media Testimonials

A Day in The Life of a 7th Grader

At the heart of Luke Hill Media is teen storytelling; engaging students in real life stories which we will connect to Catholic theology.

Where Did We Come From?


Luke Hill is taking youth-centered catechetics and faith formation in a new groundbreaking direction. Using peer-led conversations, real life experiences and fun interactive activities, our young people are discovering God for themselves. 

Jaye Russo
Director of Religious Education
Holy Family Catholic Parish

I am excited to see Luke Hill develop Catholic religious education within a digital platform. It\’s a fascinating new direction. Not only does this provide flexibility & variety, but it\’s allowing youth to contribute to the direction of the content.

Theresa O\’Keefe, PhD
Faculty Director
Boston College School of Theology